April 02, 2008

Wordless Wednesday will be....

On hold here at AngelGal's Realm until further notice (in other words, until we find the digital camera :-S). Until then, do not hesitate to go look at others!

Today I'm conducting something of an experiment, to see if P can fall asleep with other people using the routine that I have set up (read him a number of books, then "tuck" him in and tell him Goldilocks and the Three Bears. If he's not asleep after that, sorta shush him and pat him gently on the back. One day he'll fall asleep on his own without someone in there, but I'll know when to make that transition. Until then, I'm going with this), with the help of T, for P's nap. (Listening to them I wonder if he's going to fall asleep though. They have too much fun!)

On the Flylady front...so far so good I think. It's crazy, putting on lace up shoes really DOES make you feel better. I'm wondering, though, if my problem was (a) not being motivated because I didn't feel good enough about me, or (b) the seasons or (c) my hormones or (d) if a couple (or all) of the possibilities (which I'm sure includes other things as well) ganged up on me and brought me down to the point where I let this place go. Oh well, this is either recommitting to the Flylady way of life, or it's Spring Cleaning! :-)

I need to freshen this place up around here. I mean the blog. It's looking drab to me now, especially since it's a new season. I'll let you know when I decide to chane things :-)

Well, I have to go now, I don't want to sit at the computer too long!

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LceeL said...

A little Spring Cleaning is always a good thing. Don't let yourself fall into the "I don't feel good about myself" trap. You are FABULOUS.