April 30, 2008


Yesterday at weigh in I found I had lost 2 and a half pounds. So I guess the walking is paying off. Which is good because today I hurt! My ankle was acting up some, so I don't think that helps---I ended up walking a bit differently because of that, so I think that contributed to my lower half hurting so much.

I've got some ideas about something, but I will not let everyone know about it until I know about legalities. It's going to be something very special for Mother's Day :-D

One happy thing about today. I picked up my last paycheck from the Penny Saver. Between that and what's left in my business checking account, I have just enough to pay for one more month before I need it to pay for itself.

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LceeL said...

Hang in there, buckaroo. And yes, it is REALLY helpful to keep things legal for Mother's Day. We wouldn't want to be sending Care Packages to the pokey, now would we?