April 27, 2008

Such a nice weekend.

Even though it rained yesterday, this weekend has been pretty good. I've gotten in a walk both days, and didn't do too bad on my Points either day either. I still feel like a bit of an outcast with the MOPS group but that's just fine. I'm not going to mind too bad. I have my own life besides just that. Anyhow, that's the group I walked with, is my MOPS group. We raised $1000 altogether, with one of the mothers raising $400 by herself! I'm hoping for more donations next time---because we kinda decided this will be our cause, and I suggested we find a time before next year's walk to have the kids help us decorate t-shirts, because I think it would be great to have team shirts, with the reason we're there in the first place helping us decorate them.

Now I have to deal with one of D's really good friends being at the house until about 6pm because she's going to youth group with D. That's one thing I missed today---going to church, because of doing the walk instead.

With yesterday's rain storm, it was actually interesting. I knew from watching the news and keeping an eye on weather reports here and there, like on the comptuer here, that it was supposed to be rainy yesterday afternoon, so I knew I had to get going and take a walk before it did. Also, I wanted to walk earlier in the day than usual so I could sorta get used to an earlier time for htis morning. Didn't get out as early as I wanted yesterday, but in enough time that I was well enough ahead of the storm that I wasn't caught in it for long! I was crossing one of the streets that is on what used to be my Penny Saver route when I met up with the wall of weather...I swear it was like running into a wall or jumping into water...it went from fairly warm to cold so fast! Just a step! That was wild. Then I was about 5 or 6 doors down from our house when the rain started. Nice big cold rain drops. But it felt good!

Well, I'd like to do a few things around the house so I'd better get going while I still have a boat load of energy. Also, P wants to go outside and play with his bubbles! So have a good weekend!!! :-D

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