April 11, 2008

Friday's Feast will be back next week.

That's not my decision. That's the decision of the chef over there at Friday's Feast. That's okay, we all need a day or two (or 30+) off once in a while. Like I've recently taken. I really wonder if my down turn this winter WAS because of that stupid hole in the ceiling. HOLES. 3. About when that developed is about when I started feeling like crud half the time. I won't know about my blood sugar levels until Monday, when I have my general checkup. I already know my cholesterol levels. I joked to T, the bruise isn't even gone, and my cholesterol numbers are back! I only had the blood drawn on Tuesday. It looks pretty good---overall it's 165. That might actually be low---I think T said his were about 160, the hospital has this outreach thing with his work (or some such thing) where hospital workers come over and do some health checkups. I can't wait for Monday in that I want to get back to normal activity with my ankle. Sometimes it still hurts just a bit, but I would guess that's normal now.

I'm actually starting to think about dinner already. It's 5pm---that's better than starting to think about it at about 7 like I sometimes (all to often) do. I've got fixins for a million different things, but I always find myself stalled when it comes to dinner. I don't have ground beef, I've got chicken (frozen) and ham (from Easter, but it will hold for a while. The best by date is May something), and even a can or two left of the tuna that T bought a few weeks back. I'm not sure what I'll make. :-| I'd actually like to make a version of that stuff I had way back for our 11th anniversary date, only with Angel Hair pasta. It had onions and tomatoes, and some green "Italian" spice. I use basil (if I have it, which I don't) or parsley (which I know right now I do). I don't usually do the tomatoes (I hardly even have fresh, just canned), but I LOVE cooked onions. YUM. I guess everyone else can put jarred spaghetti sauce on their pasta. I've got to make split pea soup soon---I have the ingredients, in that I have the split peas, onions, and carrots, I just have to cut off a hunk of the ham. So I've been looking at my favorite food blogs. My absolute favorite is Once Upon a Feast and her Presto Pasta Nights (every Friday). I troll them for ideas. They haven't often given me any, but they will one day. I hope. The only cheese I have is Parm...I love it, I put it on everything I can---pastas, salad, eggs...we had eggs for dinner last night. T started it, by making himself a couple egg sandwiches, then I told him I'm sure P would love them (my boy LOVES eggs. I'll make him one, then he'll come back (before I'm done with my egg) and ask for another!), and I had an egg sandwich with salsa on it. D never got hers---long story there. But I have no idea about tonight. We got more eggs yesterday. Went grocery shopping after the eggstravaganza, as I had been planning to, so I'm sorta stocked up. Grocery money's all gone, as I used it all yesterday and what little I have left goes to bills and my doc stuff Monday not to mention the tithe on Sunday.

What a nice little blip---it seems the accident T had doesn't want to leave us alone. I went to check our bank account, and balance the checkbook since I haven't in a few days, and I found a charge from Enterprise! There should not be one on there---I had taken the insurance when I got the rental, but I had gone in the next day to cancel it because we really did learn the first time we rented a car that it was pointless. Allstate covers our rentals, so we don't have to worry. And what's the chance of lightning striking twice? Really? I mean, sure, 3 times with my ankle, but still. Ha ha...anyhow. I called up right away. I called the local office, and complained. The guy I talked to (kicking myself for not remembering his name, though I think I know which guy it was) said that the charges would be reversed, he'd take my word for it---I had the piece of paper sitting right in front of me, so I could tell him what day and what time it was cancelled and everything. One day I could take, but not 2. Then I balanced everything, and I have a difference of nearly $100. My math must be bad. Good thing is that the $100 is in our favor---it's like $90 now, but it will be over $100 when that $44.88 gets returned to us. I'm always confused when I have such a difference! I want to use it---now I've got funds to go out to dinner if I'd like---but I don't want to in case I missed something---like a charge that I forgot to subtract when I was going through the book, or something. But I go over it a dozen times, so I don't know what's up with that. :-|

We went to the store after dropping D at Girl Scouts. I picked up taco fixings and some imitation crab and canned salmon. I'll start looking for crab cake or salmon cake recipes soon. Also, I had a Tim Horton's Hot Smoothie (a medium one), and now I'm tired :-(

Off to make tacos...

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