April 11, 2008

Blog Hoppin' again!

OMG, what kind of a hostess am I??

Actually, if you ask most people that visit, other than my house being a big cluttered mess, we're actually pretty good hosts! :-) So, here, I've cleared off the futon---today, just in time for your visit---come see the hilarity that is my life, especially March - UGH - and maybe have a cupajoe or I could make you some tea---I've got my awesome Raspberry Quiche (hey, that sounds good), or I could give you straight up vodka water, or maybe some milk? I've got those ToGo water bottle additives---I use them in water of course---another of those misunderstandings between T and I.

We can sit and talk a spell, I'll grab my current knitting project, and you can watch that grow (I don't have a working camera, so you can't ACTUALLY watch it grow), or you can DROP A COMMENT and check out someone else :-)

Updates for us around here: My ankle is healing well. I even went out today for the first time since March 6th (the day I did it) without even an Ace Bandage while I was wearing my gym shoes (which I was wearing when I sprained my ankle). I've done that 2 or 3 time with my dress shoes, but it's important that soon I can do it with all my shoes. I'm eagerly awaiting Monday, with my general check up. The car is FIXED. We've had it a week and a half now. But it needs improvements---a turning signal is going (mostly gone, it's been that way since we bought it, nearly), it's badly in need of an oil change (well, just that it's a month and several hundred miles overdue), and it needs a tuneup. But it's getting us from here to there, and that's what matters most. The kids are the kids. Sometimes it seems as if D is in perpetual "time out". Best word for it---where she has to go sit in her designated spot for an amount of time. But she's a good kid overall. P's growing like a sprout! His vocabulary and speaking skills are growing amazingly! It's cute the things he's getting! Bedtime's still a bit of a chore. He weaned last month. Not easy for me, but it's sorta about time. I believe in extended breastfeeding, so I wasn't resentful that we were still doing it. It just came time for it to end for us. He still knows they're there. :-)

I think that's most of the catch up stuff that those who have been here before need to know. That's good---oh, hey, enjoy surfing my del.icio.us links. I've been having fun filling them up. Go check and see if your blog is under bloghoppin ---you never know, it just might be!!! :-)

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ladylinoleum said...

I hope your ankle heals very soon!