April 17, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - 13 things I've done this week, that make me proud!

Thirteen Things I did this week, that make me proud!

Things are coming back. So I've got some things to be thankful for. Here's a list of things I've actually accomplished. They might seem small to you, but right now, being half asleep, they seem big to me!

1. Folded towels.

2. Washed all the dirty clothes in the house (almost---T's are left).

3. Kept the bathroom floor clear.

4. Gone to bed before 12am.

5. Washed nearly all of the dishes that were backlogged.

6. Gave the Circulation Manager at the Penny Saver an updated listing of what goes where, who does and doesn't want a paper, and what houses not to deliver to because they are vacant. He was really happy, thanked me several times. I mean, really, how many people do that? Not many. Too bad, I can't leave someone else with a loose end, not really knowing more about the route, ya know? They don't have anyone yet---and I'm NOT going back---even if they were to beg!

7. As a family, we've kept the car clean!

8. Paid 2 big bills today - cable and gas.

9. Vacuumed the floor. I still have to figure out what and where the clog is in the hose :-(

10. Collected a lot of garbage.

11. Made several dozen cookies, including some for the outreach that church is doing to a nearby prison. (I've got to start praying for just that soon!)

12. Made dinner just about every night. I know it should be done this way anyhow, but with how I've been feeling as of late---this is a good thing! Tonight is 15 bean soup with the recipe off of the back of the bag.

13. Got the car in to have the relay switch for the turning signal replaced. The only thing it really did was keep clicking for a bit after the signal was turned off, I hope it didn't effect the effectiveness of the turning signal itself. Now there's peace and quiet after we turn a corner.

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