April 07, 2008

Musing on Monday

If you are going to be a steady visitor (please please please bear with me during the tough times, I will do something to make it worth your while from time to time, I promise!!!), you'll have to know the writer and English major in me likes alliteration and tries to use that to make a post start off interesting. I have to use my first part of an entry to hook you in. And now, this might not be the most successful first paragraph, but if I'm not writing in the notebook, I had better find a way to be my writer self when I DO write! So you are my captive, lucky audience! And we all must play to one somehow!

Anyhow, so...today included a stop at Salvation Army. Yay, because I found a nice big bag of Darlaine's Woolblend 4 Ply, just enough hopefully to make a nice shawl. I also ran out to our local art shop---which, sadly, is going out of business :-(, must return to help their last hurrah be fruitful. And with prices at half off right now, it'll be a bargain for me! :-\ I don't like always profiting from other's pain---and bought me a size 11 (one size bigger than the pattern calls for, but it's what they had and I didn't want to wait to lose yet another ebay auction for circular knitting needles that would actually end up costing me a bit more than what these did) 47" (again, bigger but since the circular part is just holding stitches, then I don't think it's so bad) circular knitting needles. And I've already got some stitches on the needle, so I'm going to be truckin'! :-D

I also finished a book---Tough Cookie by Diane Mott Davidson. I like murder mysteries, and I like murder mysteries where the main character is a cook. That all started with Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder by Joanne Fluke, which I picked up at the local library (back when I was actually good about returning my books for once), while I was first nursing P, and I'd read like a mad woman while nursing him. After he started to get bigger and having the light on would really keep him awake, I had to stop, but now I'm getting back into reading. I have stacks of books from PaperBackSwap.com and Sally Ann's (Salvation Army if you didn't know) to read now. I added more books today, too, LOL! I even bought D some, which I think made her day---she did seem happy to get them, but greedy at the same time :-| Adolescents! I'm going to go look Joanne Fluke up on PBS here shortly. I found the books on Google just now through Amazon, but if they are in the PBS system, I'm not going to pay for them! :-| There were a few. Some I've already read. I like these books because they have recipes in them. Not that I've used a single one. But it's still interesting, and maybe I'll use them. I'm thinking I'll have to scan them into the computer so that I have them when/if I want them. Not that I use recipes I save to my files in the computer, either. Ugh.

Well, I'm getting tired as Saturday night was after all a late night for me and I haven't completely recovered. So I'll be going, but I wanted to update you some on my life, if you were interested. I think I might participate in tomorrow's usual meme if I'm up to it. We'll see tomorrow. Probably. I couldn't participate in last week's, we don't own this place (though I could definitely come up with a list!).


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