April 23, 2008

I'll definitely be continuing my birth stories, but it's time to just talk about today.

It's nice to know I have at least one regular reader out there (you know who you are :-) This relationship sorta reminds me of the one pen pal I kept who was a prisoner. In other words, you remind me of him---with your big brotherly advice, etc. He's out now, and still in contact with my family. That's right, my WHOLE family. We really created a bond. And he's happily married too :-)).

You know what sorta sucks though? T and I finally started "getting along" (it's not been bad---we don't bicker and fight, but it's been unsettling sometimes with him lately) just before he went to work! I don't know what it is, but he's been sorta gruff these last two days. Maybe it's because I haven't been waking him up? (Okay, you'd only really understand that if you went to work with him...) I think it has something to do with the exercise, but maybe not really...he's on something of a health kick all of a sudden. Maybe I'm just really sensitive, because the hugs and kisses are still relatively easy to get. I'm not super worried---we've got a good, solid marriage, I know I have little to worried about. :-) It just sucks is all.

So, otherwise, I'm really happy with all I've accomplished today. I made 2 important phone calls---one to Enterprise, to inquire instead with a higher level of employee on the charge that hit my checking account 2 weeks after we returned the rental. I have no idea why it did that, because (a) I canceled the insurance through Enterprise the very next day and (b) the lady at the rental office told me that we'd have nothing to worry about, because I canceled the insurance within 24 hours. The guy I ended up talking to was really nice, said that my story made sense, and that he usually sides with the customer. He sounded a bit surprised to find out I still had my copy of the contract with the notation that we had canceled. But he said that the other guy couldn't do the charge back because he wasn't a manager (there's only one guy in the office I guess), but that it should take a week to 10 days. I look forward to it, because this is actually part of the amount that I can't figure out, but the bank said we had more than my checkbook did. I'm not sure what that's all about :-|

The other phone call was to the mom in my MOPS group who is organizing our team for the March for Babies on Sunday. I don't like that it's so close to the day of the walk, but that's why I have such a small goal---I know I won't be able to ask many people to be my sponsors, and I'd rather the ones who do give a lump sum---even a small one, say $5. I'm going to talk to my mom and dad and ask them to be a sponsor, then I don't know, maybe a neighbor and some of T's coworkers. I'm considering putting a bit in myself.

Also, I did some laundry, some dishes, the floor looks halfway decent...I'm not sure what's up with the vacuum, because it still seems to be clogged. Not as bad, since I forced out the clog, but still clogged. My dishes are nearly done, I've got a sink full right now, then I'll get ready for bed. :-) Feels nice, all this exercising and the results from it.

Take care, and see you all (all 1 of you) later! :-)

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