April 05, 2008

Spring-like Saturday

It's definitely starting to look like spring outside now. The sun is out, the day is warm, I'm sure the air is smelling fresh. It rained yesterday, and that helps a lot towards things smelling fresher.

It's even starting to look a bit better around the house. I swept up our "patio" on Wednesday, before I fell ill. It looks nicer. I'll probably have to go do it again, it needs it as some things stuck. Leaves, mostly. As for the rest of this place, I started a blog specifically for my PODAs (Plans of Daily Attack. It came from the FLYing list for Buffalo). That's going to be my next task for my computer time, to make some lists. I'll try to restrict my housework talk to that blog, just to be nice to everyone! LOL!

We're all feeling much better, though I'm wondering if P's finally getting out what in him was effected. Or maybe not, I don't know. D threw up Thursday night, so she got to stay home yesterday. I felt much better yesterday morning, all I had was a bit of a headache left over, and with some tylenol, that was gone. I felt good enough that when I called my mom, the first thing she said was that I sounded much better. Mom always knows, ya know?

Unfortunately I haven't called Nancy yet. I was supposed to call her Thursday night, but I was lying sick in bed. :-| I'm thinking I'll call her soon.

Well, other things to deal with. Take care!

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Say said...

Hey there, thanks for stopping by my blog the other day; had to check yours out as well. I'll definitely be back. Enjoy that weather. We were outside most of the day today. Feels so good to be out in the fresh air again.