March 31, 2008

Today (and every day after) is a new day

I've finally decided...

I've been pondering lately whether or not to restart with the Flylady notifications list. Well, today I received Sink Reflections in the mail (thanks to, and I've already read most of the first chapter. I'm going to start TONIGHT. So things will start TODAY. I'm going to shine my sink this evening, after I get P down to bed. I'm hoping that will be much earlier than usual. I've also got Body Clutter, something I have to sit down and actually start reading again!

This afternoon we went kite flying. D had the day off (inservice at school), and she wanted to go out and fly a kite. So we dug in the washroom for where I knew we had some kites. Only about 2 of the 4 were salvagable, so we started off with those. Some preteen hysterics ensued, but we decided we'd run to WalMart and pick up kites if we could find them there (yes, I know, WalMart's got everything, but you know as well as I do that half their products are shotty.), and we were also contemplating having hamburgers on the grill last night (now that it's actually a bit warm here in WNY---my Weather Channel thing says 55 right now), so we got some thing for that. And just more stuff. :-| You know, I talked to the girl upstairs and she was surprised when she found out there have been times that I actually took several things back to WalMart. I have. One of us is crazy, I know. Anyhow, we found some decent kites, and got some bubble stuff for P, so D and T were enjoying the kites, and I got to mozzy around, watching them and watching P with the bubble stuff, carefully walking around this grassy field at the college where I used to play softball as a kid, when I was about D's age.

When we were driving, for when we originally flew kites, T and I were discussing stuff, as we are oft to do. I like the quiet conversations more than the just sitting someplace together. And definitely the doing things together, as a couple and as a family. I wonder if we can find some classes or something that we can do together? Anyhow, we drove by where we ended up flying the kites, and I told him how I used to ride my bike there to practice, when I was about D's age (11). And he commented how he used to go like 4 miles from home to go grocery shopping for his mom from time to time when he was her age (note: the field is about 1 1/2-2 miles from where we were living at the time. And T and I are the same age---he was born just 5 days before me). My exact comment was "you know, I used to ride my bike down here to go to practice by myself when I was D's age, and I have a hard time letting her ride her bike just here in the neighborhood." It sucks how the world is now. :-( If it's in such shape that parents (reasonable, attentive parents) have a hard time letting their 11 year olds loose on the world (ha ha---and with her sometimes that's really no joke) now, how will it be when P is 11? In just 9 years? I mean, it's only been one generation since I was her age. Sad, how really sad it is :-(

This is the last day of letting the computer take up a lot of my time. I'm going to restrict my time as much as I can---I've got to find a timer around here, because 15 minutes is going to become a strict policy for a few things around here. I wonder how much blog posting I'm going to be able to do in 15 minutes. Maybe I'll have a couple times I'm on the computer.

I must say though...

It's going to be nice being able to find thing around here again.

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