May 01, 2008

Thursday, easy day

Here's something mildly personal for your Thursday evening. Thanks to Sunday and yesterday, my feet are killing me. Especially my left, because one of my toes has a humongous blister on it :-( I can't walk right, and it just seems to be getting bigger all the time :-( I want to pierce it, but I know that's not a good idea so I'm just going to leave it be and pray and hope for the best.

Today was productive though. I did some work in my washroom, straightening the closet in there. And I dragged T's socks and underwear box (yes, a big box) so I can sort through them. I haven't yet, but I will. I want to get out all the socks that aren't his, because there have been a few that have made their way into the box, and I want to get rid of the ones with the holes in them. At first he didn't like the idea, because he thinks I'm attacking all his stuff first, and he's losing stuff, but when I told him why I wanted to search through the box, he was okay with it. Also, I need to figure out a new box, because the one that they're in now is nearly demolished. And we don't have any more of those not in use right now.

I'm nearly done with my idea for Mother's Day. I talked to my sponsor (hi Mary), and she answered my questions :-D

It will be just hours! I promise!

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LceeL said...

Be careful with your feet. Make sure you tend to your blisters - washing and sterilizing the area with betadyne or something - so if it breaks it won't get infected - and proper bandaging.

Check your email.