May 16, 2006

Tuesday's Trek

I'm getting creative here....I'm not just giving the emails one sort of subject title. Something tells me I'm going to be taking out that notebook soon!!! :-)

Well, I'm still a bit tired today. I'm not getting to bed as soon as I'd hope, but that's just another thing we have to work on. I have to say, though, I think overall the house is coming together. Not perfect, not exactly how I want it, but it's coming together. :-)

I like how my bedroom looks now. I want to keep that going. Today I think I'm just a bit tired though. I'll keep to the basics---that which I need to do, and that which I have listed. :-) So, my list...I prepared today's last night, again. :-) I'm going to add one thing to it, though, that I don't already have on there, cause it needs to be done as well. :-)

Vac Floor
Fold blue basket
Wash T's clothes (in the washer as we speak!)
Bills (shred some) (find old electric bill----or the current one!!)
Shopping list/go shopping - done partly (I can go to the Quality website and draw up a list. Is that a good thing? :-\)

Okay, gonna tote the box of bills into the living room. Take care all :-)

Fold P's and my clothes was also on the list, but I did that last night before I went to bed :-D