May 15, 2006

Mother's Day and Monday's Adventures

Mother's Day went smoothly. I ended up deciding that we'd go out for dinner---it's my day to begin with, so why do I NEED to be the one to cook?? We went to the local chinese buffet---cause I had a desire for it...? Before that, my daughter had her last concert of the year for the group that she's a part of. She'd not going to be doing it last year, even though my parents offered to pay for it as part of her birthday present, because we have no idea right now if we're still going to be living here next school year. I haven't even renewed her Girl Scout membership here because of that. That's okay, I'll just find out where the council is out in Colorado or Wyoming, wherever we decide to light, and get her into it there :-D It was really sweet what they did. Because it was on Mother's Day (the one lady said they didn't know if it was a good or bad thing, LOL), each of the kids in each group went out at the end of their set and gave their mothers carnations. Mine's a real CARnation cause it's still out in the car, but I'm going to add it to the floors my husband gave me on Friday "just because." Then, for the first level (that D's in), the director gave gift certificates for those kids who had perfect attendance. My daughter was one of them (duh. She's been "tardy" to that---and school---a couple times this year, but she nearly always gets perfect attendance at school. Even my sister's wedding won't end it for her at school. It's not much, I think, other than for this special, because it's what's expected. :-| Health issues don't count.) The gift certificate is for a local book store. Which I think is kinda funny---I finally found the gc that she got from her godparents several years ago that I had lost (oops), and she got one from school for something---reading, or getting a 100% on her spelling test, which she is now doing again cause we're putting the time in for it (blush...bad mommy and daddy)---so now she has $17 in gift certificates to use there. And I might get her a couple books for her birthday over and above that! LOL!!!

Next---Yeah! The bedroom is done. By that I mean---I finished the "cushion" for under the bed, so I could put just the mattress and box spring on the floor (the last time that was done, with the old mattress set, was cause the frame had broke. This is to prevent serious injury to P in case he might fall off the bed at night or when I'm asleep and he wants to be mobile and he's spent the night in with mommy), last night. I presented it to T (well, told him), and he said we might as well do it then. So, it got done. The floor got picked up (ugh---so much stuff!), swept, the sheets got changed (gotta get the WHB hour in more!!! Double UGH!), the bed, crib and night stand got placed (those are the only things that could be/had to be moved). Now my husband is happily napping in there. I've got wash to do now (like I didn't before, ha ha....but now it's all of his clothes that were on the floor :-(( Double triple UGH!!!!! But, I'd rather wash them....). And I've sorted through the rest of the garbage that came up off the floor. :-D Now I just have to get the last of the things to their places, and we're done :-D

So, here's the list I made (last night) for today.

Garbage (so happy to find out this is part of WHB)
Bedroom (? - cause I didn't know if T would want to)
Check Zone (yeah, I'm going to clean around my toilet later in the day :-))
Fold blue basket
Wash P's clothes (as well as mine if I get the chance, which has become T's too....)
Bottom of stairs (frankly, the worst part of this is just all the STUFF that has accumulated to be brought upstairs. That's T's job---he's the big strong man in the family, so...I've already told him exactly what I want brought upstairs)
Bills (shred some) (I've got to sort these. I think they become part of tomorrow's list)

The floor could use another vac again, so I think that might end up being on tomorrow's list. No one said that everything has to be done on the same day---and I know some people don't do it all on the same day for their own various reasons. Now that I feel well, I need to get this stuff going :-) That way, when I feel like crud again I'll know it's not all that hard!!! LOL!!!

I really don't know what's gotten into me with this though. I don't know if it's "Spring Cleaning" or what. I've often wondered, while I was thinking about all of it, if I'm just feeling that much better, or if there's more. Like, one thing I've wondered is if the universe is trying to tell me something---and I get the feeling it's something big. Like the landlord coming over for an inspection. He hasn't done that in a while .... I don't know what emoticon to put for that ... and if I get into this and get the whole house better, and get my routines down, then when he shows up, I won't have to do much work.