May 22, 2006

Monday's Milage Markoff 1

- vac (needs it anyway) - done (swept the kitchen too)
- garbage (almost done already, LOL) - pretty much done

- change sheets (after T gets out of the bed!!!)
- grab the duster :-D - done
- polish mirrors and doors....hmmm - yup, just had to find the windex!
Fold/wash more of T's clothes - 1 load in the washer (gotta reboot), socks and underwear are next!
Wash P's clothes (today's the day :-D) - yup, just gotta fold!
Declutter my desk - done
Go to teeth cleaning appt. - done

And I got a page of writing in. I went through and just did did did the stuff, and then sat down and worked on my story. I might try to work in another few words, so I can get started on my entry for this month's "assignment" in the InkWell thing in the Writer's Digest :-) I've got what I want to do, I just have to sit down and do it. :-) It's something I'm going to need to sit in front of the computer (with my notebook) for! :-)