May 19, 2006

Friday's Frolic updated

Bathroom Missons (did the medicine one last week anyhow, but I could do a few others. Like the floor :-|) - half done. I will get the rest (the tub and the floor) done when D gets home
Fold/wash T's clothes - 1 load folded, and one each in the dryer and washer (which need to be rebooted)
Post yesterday's emails on blog - done

Dinner= ? (something with ground beef---beef broccoli casserole that I found online? would need to pick up a few other things, I don't think I have the philo dough in the freezer anymore, so maybe not) - might talk to T. I need to check about the philo/pastery sheets in the freezer. I'm pretty sure I ditched them because I didn't foresee a time I'd ever use them, but you never know.

And the most important thing---I got one good page of writing done. I'm not the kind of writer who can sit and compose on the computer. There are some advantages to that---for instance, a delete button---but I know that I would spend more time playing online games than I would writing, so it's not an option. Plus, there's just something about writing your work out long hand. I like penpalling too, and I can't stand writing letters out all the time on the computer. There's only one penpal I'll do that for, and it's cause she's autistic and can't read my handwriting. Otherwise, my penpals get one typewritten letter---the intro letter---and that's it. My next goal with writing is to look into freelancing and/or contests. I know I want to make a Writer's Digest contest at some point---I wanted to try for the short shorts one they had some months ago, but never did sit down and write anything out. I'll have to look through my copies of Writer's Digest and my Writer's Market. :-)