May 20, 2006

Saturday's Siesta

If you take a look at my link (click on the title), you'll find that today's title's actually a bit appropriate. I feel like I COULD take a midday nap right now, LOL. Last night was a bit difficult cause someone kept waking up. But we got through it. No big deal, we just have to get to bed earlier tonight. I think we can do that :-D

It feels good knowing that my house is looking better, on its way to being out of the CHAOS. :-D The bathroom looks so much better---I did the last two missions for the zone this week, which was the bathroom and another room. I didn't do the other room, but I did the bathroom---the floor and the tub and sink. It looks 100% better. T and I were taking our shower, and remarking how much better the floor and tub looked. It made me feel good that he was impressed :-D I'm probably not doing it just how FLYlady does, but I'm doing it my way and the best I can. And I'm getting it done. That's the important thing. And it feels good. I don't have anything today that I feel I have to get done cause I didn't do it during the week. Well, maybe I could do some of the WHB, but that's okay too. I'm not in a hurry to get it all done. I'm happy how it is right now. And I'll feel better as things go along. And I got a page of writing in yesterday---nothing's better than that :-D I'll probably not do any writing today, but only because we're all home :-D