May 16, 2006

Tuesday's Time Out

Vac Floor
Fold blue basket
Wash T's clothes (in the washer as we speak!) - there's a load in the dryer, and more to come. I don't like the smell coming from the basement. Put it this way---the bathroom's been dealt with upstairs. But I don't have anyone living under me, so....*eww*....And you have to think, whoever did a roughshod job on the toilet upstairs put the one down here in too. I'll catch the resident manager when the kids get on the bus in the morning.
Bills (shred some) (find old electric bill----or the current one!!) - found the electric bill, the check's written, the gas bill's been counted---they will go out (one electronically, the other in an envelope) on Thursday :-D

Shopping list/go shopping - done

I've not done too bad. T has been leaving his clothes, washed, in baskets in the wash room. Cause he'd get admonished to not turn on the light when P was sleeping when daddy got ready for bed, and it's hard to see the difference between good dark blue shirts/pants and holey ones. I ended up folding all his shirts and pants and "under" shirts. I'm not going to do the same with his underwear, LOL. But I wanted his clothes looking better in there. Didn't fold the blue basket, and added another basket to it. I found one with my clothes, washed, that had been in the bags from the car, and they are clothes I've been looking for. Now I know where they went. :-|. I've got fixin's for my mom's Spanish Rice, so my dad's coming over for dinner tomorrow. It sounds like it's an all day prep thing. Which is good, now I can do that!!! :-D

P had his first plate of spaghetti with us tonight. Wow, he just sucked that stuff down!!! He loved it!!! Too cute. I have a few pictures. Then of course he got tossed right into the bath. Well, he loves that too. Yup, pictures. He's figured out how to splash. I love that. Of course, there will be a day I don't, but it's cute now, huh? :-)

Okay, almost time for bed. I'm going to have some chocolate---in the form of chocolate milk---then brush my teeth and go to bed.

Oh, and I've already got my list for tomorrow. You get to see that then.