May 10, 2006

Getting back on track!!!!!

Things are coming back together now. :-D

On Monday I had my tooth pulled. I feel SOOOOOOOOOOO much better now!!! I've already started working on cleaning out around the house. Today I managed to get 2 bags of garbage ready, post 4 listings on Freecycle, and run to the credit union to transfer some funds to make sure that things don't bounce. I'm concerned some things might end up hitting a bit sooner than I expected, and the LAST thing I need is to get a bounced check!!! :-(

But, my tooth feels a whole lot better. A bit odd at the moment, but better none the less. :-) I was a real chicken when we were waiting for the thing to numb. I know I felt the nerve let go when it did, but it could have been worse. I wasn't as numb as I eventually got when we tried for the root canal, but I wasn't as numb as I wanted to be. :-\ But, my mom and I talked after, and she pointed out (again) that she was always a chicken when it came to getting her teeth done, and I had been thinking about that. I told her that I was really clucking!!! Cause I was. I was SOOOOOOOO close to just aborting it, because I wasn't comfortable with how numb it wasn't, but it's a good thing I didn't. :-D

My goal with this apartment is to baby proof it! I know it might seem a little late---the kid is now 11 months after all---but it still needs done!!! And it's getting there bit by bit!!! :-D

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