May 19, 2006

Friday's Frolic

Yeah, I really need to get my thesaurus out. Ha ha, and today I plan on doing that for more than one reason. I rushed through a few things---picking up a little, folding what of T's clothes are in the dryer, filling up the sink, and I'm not going to spend too long on here either. I want to sit and write, so I can have at least 15 mintues (oh, that's one thing I will go more if I can, LOL) of doing SOMETHING. I'm going to look over the old stories I have in my notebook, and see if the one story, that I've been thinking about again, has more gas to it. Otherwise, I'll open one of my text books from my Creative Writing classes, and see what comes out. I had one exercise, where you pick 10 letters and write a sentence with those letters, and it was fun. I'll see about others :-D

So, today's list...

Bathroom Missons (did the medicine one last week anyhow, but I could do a few others. Like the floor :-|)
Fold/wash T's clothes
Post yesterday's emails on blog

Dinner= ? (something with ground beef---beef broccoli casserole that I found online? would need to pick up a few other things, I don't think I have the philo dough in the freezer anymore, so maybe not)