May 13, 2006

Saturday's Adventures

Bible verse presently commanding my attention:

Proverb 31:10-31

I'm going to work on cleaning again today. I've got so much energy now to just go go go go go. I want to get this place into gear!!!

So far I've started the sink for dishes, and I've cleared the fridge of a bunch of old stuff, got together a garbage bag because of it and put that outside with the others for when my husband comes home (which should be any time now). I also washed down 2 of the shelves and have the drawer soaking right now. I don't know what it is...I'm even doing this through a cold I thought for sure would make me want to sit all day. :-| Yesterday I thought for sure I'd just spend all day on the couch, watching tv and crocheting, along with occassionally pulling someone up on my lap to eat, but then I was walking by the futon for some reason or another, and I started sorting through the basket and boxes there. Then, last night when I got off the phone from my mom, instead of going to bed like I wanted to, I did a bit more cleaning. Part of that was putting the first set of garbage bags out for my husband, but then I did other things too. And I'm not nearly as tired as I think I would be. I must be sick, ha ha ha...:-|

Anyhow, here's my goals for the rest of today....

Fold P's clothes
Vac the floor
Sort the basket with papers/envelopes/etc
Sort thru the box of pens and markers and toss the dead ones
Wash the basket of laundry on the futon
Fling through my purse
Stock diaper bag (wipe out pocket from jars of baby food that were in there too long :-S)

That should take me most of the day. Oh yeah---also, I want to get a walk

Take a walk with family!!

Wanting to clean or not, I should get to bed at a decent hour. Padraic's going to sleep fairly easily for at least 4 hours at night, then when I come in he comes over with me. I don't like that---cause I'm coming in at the end of those 4 hours. I want it where I'm going to sleep as soon as I lay him down or shortly after. I guess it's just a habit I've got to start!!! I was going to sleep when he did for the first few months after he was born. Let's see if I can get back into that!

Oh, and too cool---my stitches are now out. I pulled one out last night, then 2 more today. I thought he had put 4 in, so either my count was off, or I swallowed the other one, LOL!!!

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