May 18, 2006

Thursday's Time Out

Yeah. Today I'm not feeling too well...I was miserable all last night, and I've got a nice little cough. I'm not feeling well all over. So, today I'm going to take it easy and just rest. Sometimes we need that. I've done so well over the last few days, it's not going to hurt to take a little time out :-)

Any time P goes down for a nap, I'm going to too. And I'm not going to do any major cleaning, I'm not even going to work on T's clothes. I'll just do the minor stuff---the dishes, getting ready, and I've got to go out to the post office. That's it. No more. Dinner too of course....but I'm not going to stretch myself out. I'll mainly work on my current project, the flowers for my friend's wedding this summer :-)