March 10, 2008

Still around

Don't worry all (of my very few loyal readers :-S :-)), I'm still around. Just sitting on the couch and knitting and crocheting a lot while I'm on the mend. I am getting really antsy---I finally broke down and asked T to do some cleaning for me. Of course, not much got done...he didn't get up until 2, since he does after all work nights. Since last night was Sunday, he got home at 3, I don't know when he fell asleep here on the futon, but he was there at 9, and then went in the bedroom until P came in and bugged him some. That's when I asked. I won't go into all that---needless to say, in general, if you've noticed, I've felt horrible most of the time, and now that I'm on crutches and have a limb that's not up to par, I'm even more upset with myself over things. But I have to learn to ask for help. Maybe I have to learn to ask the right way. I don't think I've learned that, even with T, yet. :-( But he did do some, and I sat and did some silverware at least. :-( I want to throw down the friggin crutches. And start going around and doing all that it is I've been putting off. I can't wait until this foot is back to normal. I'm just really not a happy camper this week. Not that I've been a happy camper most of the rest of this winter, either! :-(

Stay tuned, if I can manage I will be joining in on Lotus' The (Breast)feeding Carnival tomorrow. You can hear how I've trained my boy early to be a boobman! :-) I'm training him to be a kind and considerate husband to someone one day too---he likes to clean!

I need to go to bed now. Nightie night all.

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LceeL said...

There you are! Do get better, little lady. You are missed when you aren't out here.