March 16, 2008

Topping off my week...

Hello to everyone, both my fellow Blog Hoppin' pals and my "regulars" (you know who you are).

Well, my insane week hasn't ended yet. Maybe it's an insane fortnight. Anyhow, Thursday morning I woke up with a nice tickle in my throat, and it only went downhill from there. Because then it became a cough---one so bad it woke me up in the middle of the night. Thursday night, from 1am to 4am I woke up every hour on the hour to cough---sometimes in the middle of coughing! :-( Friday night P started showing some signs of not feeling well, and he and I woke up every couple of hours to move our positions. Then last night---I went to bed feeling horrible, P wasn't much better. He and I both went to sleep quickly---but sometime in the 3 hours after we went to bed, I did get a little bit better, perhaps to take care of P when I had to. He ended up puking a bit---I had a large cup by the side of the bed, that I've used in the past for water, and that was good enough to catch what had to be caught. I spent most of the night with a wet and hot-then-cold towel on my face and chest. Plus I had vapo rub, and I did a bunch of gargling with hot salt water from time to time over the past couple days. P tried to do that yesterday after my mom had reminded me of it, but he nearly choked---it was with regular water. Now he's a bit drugged up and fell asleep at about 6:30 while sitting on his daddy's lap. It was cute, but the camera was across the room so I couldn't spread the wonder :-| Now it's just to wait and see if and how badly T and D get hit with this.

Speaking of T and D (and P) getting hit with something---the car doesn't look pretty, but it will get taken care of, and pretty easily. The estimate was roughly $4600, we'll have to pay roughly $300 as that's our deductible (Allstate's Premier/Premium/whatever plan is just awesome---the one that takes off $100 for each 6 month period you go without an accident. The only thing is that if we do have another accident [hope not], the deductible will be $500), and also includes the towing, both to and from the tower's shop/yard. But our car should be done soon! :-) We have a rental right now, it's a Nissan Maxima. Definitely different!

I can't wait until I feel better, and I can get my air cast off, and live life like I'm used to. It's getting irritating sitting and doing nothing. And the house is not so great either. You know what really sucks---my good week was just before all this :-(

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LceeL said...

Really, really glad you weren't seriously hurt. Get better - so you can blog more. Miss you.