March 04, 2008

[Ten on Tuesday] 10 Favorite Drinks

This is actually a fairly easy list to make, though I can nearly promise you at half will be one thing!

1. Water - It sustains us all. And it's about the only Core thing I can drink.

2. Milk - Again, Core. But I do love it anyhow!

3. Water - What did I tell you?

4. Unsweetened Tea - At McDonald's, I prefer the unsweetened kind. At the local Chinese place too. Most other restaurants, I ask for the Raspberry teas, because I'm pretty sure that many don't serve the unsweetened variety.

5. Water - Yes, again. It constitutes the majority of my beverage choices.

6. Sex on the Beach - If I have an alcoholic beverage when (if) we go out, this is one.

7. Water - uh huh. Amazingly, no, it doesn't get old.

8. Kahula and Cream - Yum. But fattening. Good thing we don't go out often anymore. Not that we went much to begin with.

9. Water - it never ends. But I do like it a lot!

10. Herbal Teas - Raspberry especially, but also Chamomile. With honey. My honey makes it the best (the next runner up being my daughter).

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LceeL said...

Wait a minute. Is #6 a drink or an activity?

Allison said...

Ha ha, very funny.

It's both :-P