May 05, 2008

Monday and weekend over view

Hello all. Please don't forget about my contest! I'm really looking forward to everyone's entries! The time is getting short! I'll also have a Father's Day one (my dad's pretty terrific too, LOL!), so don't think this will be your only chance to win one of the prize packs!!!

This weekend was okay. It's really such a relief to know I don't have to do a thing involving the Penny Saver route! I'm able to move through my weekend relaxed and with confidence. Now I just have to put that relaxation and confidence into my business, and it will be booming!!! :-)

I was fairly productive this weekend. I cleaned off the outside of the fridge and the front of one of my cabinets, all of my wash is (gasp!) caught up, and most of my rooms look good! Today I got upstairs to bring some stuff up, and I brought down a box of toys for P to play with here in the computer room. Included in that are some legos and a few puzzles---the legos were ALL OVER THE FLOOR this evening! The great thing is he contributed in cleaning up! I never really did that with her---and look where we are now :-|

I'm hoping for some good prospects on my candle biz from T's work. A friend of his that T had asked me to give a sample to drove him over for their lunch break (T went in early today, long story), and I gave him the sample candle. Well, he just LOVED it, and ended up saying he'd give other people my card. I gave him a whole handful!!! T won't even bring my biz cards to work. Now, it's not that he doesn't love the product almost as much as I do (despite that fact that he won't admit THAT---but he is eager to give his own sorta "testimonial" and talk about the product when I do), and it's not at all like he doesn't support me...but I don't know why it is he won't bring the cards to work! Maybe he's as shy as I am about giving people my card? Maybe it brings back memories of the cold calling he had to do being a telemarketer (he was when he was out in Colorado trying to make a home for us)? But it's always amazing watching someone smell our candles for the first time. This guy said not to have him smell any because he can't smell well or something, but he just LOVED the Key Lime (April's scent). It was the first one I pulled out cause it was on top. It would have been the Pomegranate if it had shown up today. I'm really hoping for stuff to start looking up for my biz. I want it to work so bad!

No matter what anyone tells you about their home biz---it taking off right away, etc---it's not always easy to start up a business. Perhaps your biggest obstacle can be yourself. You have to have the mindset to win. I've often pondered the whole occurrence of the winner of the Biggest Loser this last time around. She said she could see it from the very first interview. I remember her saying it the first time I saw the video of her and her mother up on those screens, when they went over how much they were taking in. She mentioned it so many times (or at least they didn't edit out her mentioning it) towards the end of the season, it stuck hard in my head, especially at the end. She saw the confetti coming down over her. I've got to struggle out and does that look for me? I've still got a lot of soul searching I have to do.

But I do have to say one thing. My life was touched by the most amazing woman, and by having her as my sponsor, that's the only way I wanted to get into this biz. Because she's been the most amazing support and guide through this whole thing. That's why she's one of my judges for the contest. So you know you're in good hands.

Now contribute. Please?

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