May 08, 2008

Contest results!!!

Thank you to everyone who played!!!

All 4 of you!!!

We ended up with only 4 entries. In an odd twist of events, everyone won. Really.

We decided on a point value for each of the places, and that resulted in 2 entrants getting one total, and the other 2 getting another. So....

Congrats to Jim from BusyDad (or not so busy :-\) and Sandy from Momisodes, who tied for first place. You will soon be getting your jar candles!

Congrats also to Witchypoo from Psychicgeek and Elizabeth from A Calm in the Chaos. You will soon be getting your set of 6 assorted votives!

Stay tuned for the Father's Day contest! Which will start right after Mother's Day, on Monday!

And will (a) be in poll form and (b) will be on my new blog, over on Wordpress! Now I see why everyone's over there! :-)

Disclaimer---if I have any references wrong, please correct me!


LceeL said...

Good job, Allison. Given the really short notice, I think the contest went fairly well. The Father's Day one will go better.

Sandy C. said...

OMG! I can't believe it! Thank you so much for this opportunity :) I am thrilled to have been part of this, and I'm so glad that I found your blog.

I will be posting my entry either today or Monday at and will surely link to you :)

Thanks again!

Trinity said...

You are invited to join us in Tribute to Moms site... write your tribute, show your love, to your mom... all the posts will be a collection of Tribute to moms... God bless you!

Oh, There is a tribute to dads as well.. hm.. can we work together to do the project for the Father's Day? I need your support.. thanks! :-)