April 12, 2005

Long Time No Blog

It's been almost 2 months since I've blogged. I really haven't been that busy, just tired and a bit down. Now I'm working on being in a better mood and actually doing things, not taking all day naps anymore.

I started to realize how depressed I was, sleeping a lot always being a symptom, besides how dang cranky I'd be (my husband would ask me what's the difference, I'm always cranky), and since I don't like being depressed and down, and I don't like depressed people (though at times my life seems full of them---or at least full of their problems), so I decided to pull myself up by my boot straps and get my butt in gear.

One thing that I've been working on is cleaning the house. I finally managed to get help with both our bedroom and the living room. I've cleaned a portion of my kitchen---the fridge and the stove top, which was really starting to get grungy. I've got to finish the rest of the kitchen---wipe down the counter tops, organize a few things, fill a few others.

Also, I've been working on things for the baby. I've got a nice layette in a color yarn I like. I've got a blanket in a pattern I like, and the sweater and bonnet so far as well. The layette pattern doesn't have a blanket pattern in it, so I made a blanket pattern I liked. There is a set of booties that goes with the layette pattern, but I found another pair I liked in another book and made those. I have enough yarn left, I'll probably go and make the pair that goes with the sweater and bonnet.

I'm also making a layette for a neighbor who is also pregnant. I found a sweet ombre called Giggle Prints in Red Heart Baby Soft. I'm using a Lilac that I've had for a little while that brings out the lavender/purple/lilac in the Giggle Prints.

Finally, and most importantly to me, I've made a commitment to start writing every day. Well, at least on the weekdays. I need some time off, you know. So far it's worked, I wrote 3 pages worth yesterday and 2 today. I'm very proud of that, they flowed well. Now I just have to---well, finish that story, and work on the others I've got.

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