April 20, 2005

Hump day Wednesday.

Well, today's just another day really. It's the rest of the week that will be hectic. Tomorrow to be exact, since my husband is getting two of his teeth pulled. He'll be sleeping most of the day for sure---didn't get to sleep until midafternoon today. He was wanting to take tonight off, so he could get some sleep, but I told him he'd be doing all his sleeping tomorrow night. The last time I got a tooth pulled, I went to the same place and used Nitrious Oxide, which they are going to be using on him to put him out for a little bit, and I told him it's the best stuff but he'll be out for a while. I got to thinking about it, and he was right, he should have taken tonight off. Otherwise he'll be up all night tonight, with no chance for a break before his 11am appointment. And we still have to go and get his antibiotic!

But today went well. We met with a friend of mine from college, for "coffee" (the only one who drank coffee was my husband, I had a Raspberry/Banana smoothie, the kid had some OJ, and my friend---well, hers was mocha fudge something, so I guess that counts as coffee), and we went to Fashion Bug cause she had to return something. I looked around a bit, not that it matters since I'm pregnant and wouldn't be able to fit into anything or have anywhere to wear it. We found some earrings, and got those, including a pair that she liked cause they matched her necklace. What can I say, we're generous! It's interesting the difference in taste my husband and I have in earrings and other things. He can't stand dangle earrings of almost any kind, I gotta have some length at least, cause what's an earring if someone can't see them? Even if they just dangle a little bit! So, to bug him in part, the pair that I got because he wanted me to get a pair that I liked, or a set considering, were these big hoop ones in the shape of hearts. I don't particularly like the backs of them, but I thought they were pretty cool. Definitely not something I'm going to be wearing when I have the kid! :-)

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