February 15, 2005

Frankly, I don't know how I get through every day of being a parent, a wife, or an adult. I remember my mom saying that she didn't feel like she was an adult until she was at least 27. When it comes to her, sometimes I wonder how she EVER felt like an adult---especially now with everything that's going on with her, which I understand why, but..., she's acting more like a child than ever.

But my mom isn't what this rant is about. It's not just my kid that I have a hard time dealing with, it's the other kids in the trailer park. There is a kid leaving in March, I can't wait for his family to go. The other, who knows when his family will ever leave---he's older, and his mom has said that they were going before, buying a house, but they never have. He's hard to keep away. When there's no one else to play with, he comes to our door and expects to be able to play with my kid. And he doesn't just come to the door once, he comes several times. I swear, I am so sick of the doorbell, it's horrible!!!

But the other kids aren't all I want to rant about. You know, I always hated it when my mom yelled at me. I know how it feels way down deep in a kid's stomach. And I hate to be like that, yelling and screaming to get my daughter to do stuff, but there are times I just have to. It could always be worse---but I'm totally against corporal punishment. It gets you no where, except in jail these days. And it makes someone feel even lower. But when I yell at my daughter, my husband sits there and says "calm down, relax, you don't need to yell at her." Sure, coming from him. Sometimes he gets snippy too. And sometimes I need to nag him. Don't think I start off yelling. I start off with both of them nice and gentle. "Please do this." But they keep putting it off, saying "I will, not right now" blah blah blah. Well there are times when it does need to be done now. If in part because at least one person in this house (me) gets sick of looking at it!!! It seems all too often that I'm the only one who cares about what goes on and how this house looks. :-(

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