April 28, 2005

Catching up.

The last few days have been fairly busy. My husband's extractions went well. I remember them saying I was only out for 10 minutes wit my last. He wasn't really out, he was just sort of there (from his description...I don't remember a thing they did when they pulled my last one, because I went to the same dentist, I went to what I call "The White Place"...even wrote a poem about it once, not a long or good one, but...). He was in maybe an hour total, and I think it probably took them a half an hour tops to get the stuff done.

It's another month until I'm 29. It's not that I can't wait, but I'm not one of those who feels like 30 is the end of the world either. I'm actually looking forward to it! :-) We don't have anything major planned, though the next Star Wars episode comes out, and my husband wants to go out and see that. I don't know if I could sit in a movie theater for that long, and I wonder if someone won't have fun jumping around with all the loud noises I know will be going on while watching that movie. I just want to get through this pregnancy and be done with it, have the baby here and be happy. Not that I'm not, but I just can't wait until I've got my body back!!! The pains are normal, but I don't like them :-( Just about 6 more weeks of this!!!

My mom seems to be doing better. I talked to her this morning, while she was in dialysis, and she sounded tired, but overall she's been sounding a whole lot better, when we don't catch her in dialysis :-) Much better. :-) I talk to her last week for what must have been 10 minutes, and she was the one who was keeping the conversation going---sure, it was a lot of questions, but she was interested and engaged and wanted to sit and listen. Well, with her down there, there's little I can just call her up and tell her about. My husband has the "I'll think she's better when she's walking through the door"---any door up here, which I understand, but my dad and I can still celebrate the little things, too. My sister too. I have to have my mom talk to my daughter next time I talk to her, because she's missing her grandma. She's just too sweet, I could start a blog with all the stuff she does everyday. Such light and love comes from her---I don't want to extinguish it, the same with this little one's. It's amazing some of the random thoughts that come from my husband. She was sitting in the back seat while we were getting gas today, at a full service place, and out of the blue he made the comment that he wondered what this little one is going to be interested in. I've wondered too---but it's just the way he comes out with it. They are both so precious, and I'm excited to add another person to this family. I feel so much like I'm just in suspended animation until someone comes along---I can't experience their growth in the world yet, I can't do some of my own (how badly I still want a job, especially after that one I saw in the paper a few weeks ago....). But the time when I can do all that will get here, and I will feel it's moving way too fast when it does. It sometimes seems like yesterday I was pregnant with our soon to be 9 year old!!!!