April 14, 2005

Another day

I'm sick of making titles. But otherwise....

Today's been a good day so far. I wrote about 3 or 4 pages of my "Red Wing story," simply named so so far because most of the action has been at Red Wing right now. I worked on it because it caught my eye when I opened the notebook.

Otherwise, today hasn't been as productive as I'd like it to be. But I guess that's okay too. I ended up taking a rather long nap, well, maybe 2 and a half hours. In part because yesterday I didn't take any and I was bushed!!! I went to bed at something like 11 pm last night, where I usually go to bed about 1 am!!! I'm a night person...but yesterday I was dead by 10.

All I really have to do today is fold the clothes I didn't get to last night, and the dishes I didn't do. I was going to say not getting to those meant yesterday wasn't as productive as I thought it was, but I can't say that. I did a lot yesterday. And I feel good about it. Felt good yesterday :-).

Today I feel good too. If I at least sit down and do some writing, that's all I feel I'm required to do. That's a big point in my life, after the baby comes and I have more energy, then I'll be able to routinely do all the other things I have to do much easier. And I've written, so I can go about feeling good today and putting those feelings into whatever else I do :-D

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