September 13, 2007

What a difference a week makes.

Mom's a whole lot better. The hallucinations may still be having their effects, and OF COURSE she's still hurting, but at least when I call (and, yes, come and see) her, I get MOM and not MOM ON SOME REALLY SERIOUS PAIN KILLERS. Of course, you know, having your MOM there has it's own drawbacks...such as the suggestion that I SHOULD look into little guy getting evalled on his speech progress. I still don't think so...but I told her that if things don't get a whole lot "better" by the time he's 2 1/2, then I'll look into it. Of course, I might have put that stuff in the to be shredded box. I don't know. Good thing---it's been about a month since I sorted everything out, so it will probably still be there 3 months from now. Ha ha. I don't forsee shredding that stuff right away, I want to sort through the individual file folders first.

Let's see, what else? Well, I got caught up on laundry---T's uniforms are in the dryer right now, and his shirts and underwear/socks (sh, don't tell, he likes them totally separate) are in the washer waiting for the uniforms to be sorted. My dishes are nearly there. My bathroom needs wiped down, and my carpet needs vacced, but it's picked up at least. My daughter's room is even halfway to decent (yes, I mean it's not all the way there, but hey you can see the floor!). Our room looks good, actually. The computer room here isn't too bad, even though the futon could be cleared off and the bucket on there (that I'm going to need tomorrow night) is still full of stuff to sort.

I've got to get to bed at a more decent time...soon.

Which means I've got to start heading towards bed. I've got to read another chapter of The Purpose Driven Life, tonight's chapter is #3. So far I know it's all about God and nothing's about me, and I was put here in this world so God could love me, and he made everything because he loves me (before you think I'm a friggin' snob or something, read the book!). I'm just waiting for the lady on the FIB group to let me know she's started reading the book so that I can type out and send her what I've written down as far as my thoughts so far. And we all know I'm nothing if not longwinded, so....she's in for a real treat. I'll send it to her in every hour or so depending on how far along she is in rereading it. Of course I should just go and look if there's a Yahoo group for reading it, and tell her sorry, I would have loved to read it with her but I'm not going to give you the heck you'd have to go through with what I wrote and thought over while I waited. I'll just send her an email asking if she's ready, because I've already started reading the book and I'm on to chapter 3 in a bit....:-\ I don't know....

Well, otherwise, I worked on my crochet blog today. You can thank my wonderful group co-owner for that....gotta love the ripple afghans :-)

Later. Need to prep for bed :-)