September 29, 2007

Have you ever noticed.....

The times when life, the universe or God decide to slap you back into reality? Do you make note of when it happens? And the severity of the incidents? How about WHERE it happens?

Well, I came to notice such in my life. The reason for it is because I get peeved over money about once a month or so. When it gets really bad, I get sullen and grumpy, and crabby. The first couple that I noticed were burns and cuts. This time it was choking on a piece of meat that (duh me) I hadn't cut very small. Or at all really. It's always in the kitchen.

Money has been an issue for me. It's tight, always always very tight at the beginning of each month. It's something I have to learn to let go of and let God.

I'm needing to learn that about life in general. I'm currently reading The Purpose Driven Life. It's very interesting. And we are starting to go to church a lot more. Well, okay, last week was the first week, this will be the second. I'm also hoping to get into a bible study class.

Sorry, I'm more tired than I thought I was when I sat down here to write. I'm playing around with my iGoogle as well.....