September 18, 2007

Non Noodle Tuesday!

I don't know if I'm going to start with that....but today's the first in a long time that pasta wasn't for dinner!!! We had chicken in barbeque sauce, corn, beets (for me, the rest of the family doesn't really like them!!!!) and microwave baked potatoes! :-) It was good. I like to put salsa on my baked potatoes :-) It tastes better than it sounds, trust me!!! For once in about 4 days, I FORGOT to take a picture of dinner. I took the camera in there, just didn't do it after I had it plated! :-\ Oh well, it was good. I can't tell you what was the best---it was all good :-) I love beets....and canned spinach....and other things too. Nice treat :-)

And I've got more good news than just the new recruit under me for the candle biz---I've also hit the 50 pound mark! As of today I have lost 51.8 pounds. I'm going to do something to adjust my weight loss's just too big and bulky. Until I figure something else out I'm going to leave it there, but I'm contemplating other ideas :-)