September 15, 2007

Trying to keep myself honest.

So, I like all these blogs with food on it. And I'm trying to lose weight, by watching what I'm eating. So I'll try to share as much as I can of what I eat with you.

Here goes. Here's tonight's dinner. The features are shrimp:

Zucchini and onions (onions, yum!):

And of course couscous. I always wondered what couscous was, and once I found out, I fell in love!!

Wow, that picture turned out better than I thought it would! It also has some crushed red pepper to give it just a touch of kick, tomato (it calls for a whole tomato but as I didn't get one, and lots of canned diced tomatoes, that's what went in), and basil (though it calls for thyme). I love couscous, did I mention that? It's actually my second dish of couscous for the day---I had onion, couscous and medium salsa for lunch. Not bad, actually. I like chicken in it sometimes, but the shrimp couscous is actually better. It's from a Quick Meals Weight Watchers recipe book I bought the first time I went to WW, back in 2003. I haven't bought a recipe book yet this time around, and I don't plan to. That's fine :-) I can do quite well with the web (especially the WW site) and my own inventions. I didn't think I'd ever like the Core Plan, but I really prefer it! :-) I'm even working on Core (or at least low LOW Point) bread! I have a yeast prep in the food processor right big, I'm going to let it sit tonight, and see how it works tomorrow afternoon. T hasn't made his first loaf yet :-\ I'm not at all feeling guilty about going ahead and making as much as I want...he's got other items to create (like cheesecake, always cheesecake), but what if he decides to do that tomorrow too? Well, I'm planning on us going to church (which means another chapter for TPDL for me, a shower then bed for me soon), so maybe he can do it then. But that would mean him taking out my yeast prep...oh gees. Oh well...

I would have liked to have talked about Presto Pasta Nights over on Once Upon a Feast, but I got this recipe from a published cookbook so I won't put up the recipe, which takes me out of the running. Oh well, one day I will create something, and we will be on there! Ha ha ha....:-|

I'm sick of pasta, actually, and tomato based spaghetti sauces. I'm going to have to go surfing other blogs, so we will see if I can't come up with something. That's Core as well. Hmm...someday I might have my own food blog....