September 16, 2007

Another Sunday

Someone made a comment on their blog about how interesting their blog titles are...seems she's just using the date. Hmm...I'm not going to go that basic, but it gets really hard to title a blog when either it's been a long time since I blogged, or it's just been another day when, like now, I'm on a roll with how often I'm blogging.

Yes, today's been a fairly normal day. I delivered the Penny Savers, came home, watched a little football (:-( Bills lost BIG TIME!!!), took a shower, called mom, lazied about watching the kids with their antics, did some stuff here on the web (the big one is updating links on the sidebar of my crochet blog, joining a webring [I'm not accepted into it yet], opening a webring for WNY_C and changing the titles of my blogs so that I can sorta start to brand myself [at least, I realized that's how it may end up :-)]), made dinner (see below) and now I'm just winding down before bed. Don't need another shower because I've already taken one, so I guess I'll be here just a little bit, then I'll go read more TPDL, then go to bed.

Dinner today was actually one of my favorites, even though I'm SICK TO DEATH of pasta and tomato sauces/based meals. Can't have pizza often either. But, I got the idea to make this from going to a local pub/restaurant for our anniversary last year, and the need to not have bottled spaghetti sauce on whole wheat pasta often.

It's often just the whole wheat pasta, onions and parmasean cheese. This time I added some of the zucchini from a week or so ago---at the time before I had only used half of the bag for whatever reason, so I threw in the other half. Takes care of my veggie requirement for the day, right? Good thing. Also today I had regular oatmeal with 2 frozen peach slices and about 1 Tablespoon of honey. Yum. Takes that bitter taste right away! :-)

I'm also working on that bread I started last night. It's now sitting in my oven for it's second rising. Here it is at the end of it's first, when I took it out of the oven (just a warm oven, I'm not trying to bake it now you know!), before I punched it down and kneaded it:

Now how it looks as it's sitting in the oven---hopefully getting bigger! (It actually DID double in size last time, that's good!!! :-D):

Looks pretty doesn't it? I cut the slits in it deeper this time, as I'm thinking they were too shallow in previous loaves. This one is ALL wheat flour. I didn't even try half and half before jumping right into this loaf. We'll see soon enough how well this one turns out. I'm hoping for the best! No way to find out Points at the minute though, because my computer and the WW website aren't agreeing with each other. :-| Oh well.

Night night