July 25, 2007

Happy Happy Day!!!

Today is indeed a happy day. :-D

If you have gone to my myspace page anytime before I set it to private, you will have seen that there's a certain someone that I've been wanting badly to see or talk to.

Well, when we were on our way back into the middle of town from dropping something off at D's school, we passed by his parents house, and they were outside. I know they haven't been around town for a while---a year or more---because I couldn't find their number in the phone book or get through with their number after I found it in older phone books. :-) So, I ended up talking to his mom for a while, over at the library (I had to print out a couple things), then I called him this evening after T got up :-D (I had to ask him where the picture of our calling card was :-)). Hopefully I will be talking to him more!!! I miss him, he's one of my oldest and best friends :-) Being able to talk to him made a day that had a few bad spots (specifically a certain child in this trailer park using a kid that used to be D's friend to have a little fun with the girls...I mean, they could at least make their insults original. "D's mom is fat" is kind of obvious. The good thing about it is that their quality of insults didn't get much worse than that. I guess it just goes to show their brain power. :-D I heckled back for them to get some original insults.) brighter. :-) Not that, now that I think about it, it was all that dark before they started into their stuff.

I haven't bought the new Harry Potter book yet. I'm going to. I'm hoping to find it for a decent price---at WalMart it's $18 something. I'm not even going to try to look at the local bookstore, but I might try one of the big local supermarkets. I'm thinking that D is right and it was sold out at WalMart when we were there yesterday. I got to thinking with the kids, what would Harry Potter do? Heck, yes, even put in what would Jesus do? They'd both sit out and wait for the stupid people to move along. They always do---they find something or someone new or different to occupy their small minds, and all you have to do is realize that, while they may grasp what they are doing in that moment, they don't quite get it and how it fits into the whole picture---they don't get that they will move along, and you will move along, and they will probably not achieve what it is that they are hoping to accomplish. If you just realize that their minds and ambitions are much smaller than your own, then you can move on and deal with the momentary discomfort of some stupid kid running around on his bike making small insults. Hell, he was riding his bike and my son was playing with one of his soccer balls. The ball rolled across to the wall of this garage that's on the edge of the property, the neighbor's garage, and I went after it with my son. In doing this, I had myself between my son and this stupid kid. I figured, the kid has to learn that he's not the only one out there, that he has to watch for other people. He heckled me and said "hey, watch out, there's traffic coming through here." I thought it but didn't say it---"yeah, too bad for you that you'd learn that pedestrians have the right of way." Because, if one of us got hurt because he ran his bike into us (or, when he gets older, his car---or his mom's), then he'd be the one getting in trouble. He has to watch for us, not the other way around. Dumb @$$. LOL

So what did I do when they were doing their stuff. I paid more attention for most of the time period to what my kids were doing, and playing with them and making them happy---namily my little guy. We were sitting on the porch, and my little guy and I were rolling his balls back and forth. He was giggling himself silly. And when I didn't have to do that, I was praying. Praying hard. That this kid would get his comeupance. To be honest, there were so many times that I wished that kid would misjudge when he was going across the street we live on---a very busy street---and get hit. Few people deserve it, but he makes it pretty close. Now I don't want that---it would be too good for him. Should he survive, he'd get babied, felt sorry for. No, I want something where people---ESPECIALLY HIS MOTHER---see his true colors. What's sad, it might take until this kid is OLD---older than me---for it to really show thru. And until then we all have to deal with his garbage! :-( There have been times we thought for sure that the landlord would kick them out of here---one of the kids throwing a firecracker or something back there just about 2-3 months after P was born, when he convinced the kid upstairs that it would be fun to push a skateboard and then he pushed their little wagon into our front screen door, and many other events---but no. Nope, she was even behind in rent once, managed to find someplace to pay for it for her, and boom she was staying.

You might notice, I added more weigh-in totals to my weight loss table. It seems I've now broken the 300 barrier! I hope this sticks this time!!! I don't feel much different right now---my stomach has been feeling flatter (for what that's worth :-S), and my clothes actually FIT, some of them are LOOSE---but I don't feel much else. Not too much different from when I turned 30, LOL!!! Maybe when I'm closer to 250 I'll feel a difference :-)

I'm not sure what else there is for now. So I guess that means I can go to bed :-)