July 27, 2007

If I start earlier, maybe, just maybe....

I'll end up going to bed earlier....wouldn't that be nice?

Well, I've done a little touching up around here---not that that means much really, because the house is still in shambles. :-(

But, now maybe this is because it IS only 1:30 in the afternoon, or maybe the good bit of rain we had washed them away, but I haven't heard from the trailer court terror yet! :-) We were up a lot earlier than it seems those who haunt us and who haunt with us are. I can presently hear the younger brother of the 2 girls D usually plays with crying. I do wonder if he's okay. He likes to watch out the window a lot---poor little guy, he's just over a year old---and I know they like to both stay up late and get up late.

My little guy managed to bring the little car I bought him to ride around in a bunch in the house. It's actually kinda funny how he moves that thing up and down to different elevations. I'm not going to complain that he brought it in---as long as he doesn't run into anything, I think we will all be fine :-)

I'm contemplating bringing another website into the world. I have 2 different accounts set up already, in addition to the one I've had like forever---I've been looking at it these last few days off and on, and it makes me kinda sad to see how horrible I used to be at them. I'm thinking about reading through my HTML text book from the class I took, so I can figure out and learn style sheets. That should go a long way into making my website look polished. I'm also going to add a lot of things I've learned or my husband has learned or done---pictures and picture editting mainly. Of course right now all we have to edit pictures is Paint, but it's a start. I wish I could get my hands on another copy of Paint Shop Pro---now THAT was fun. I made some really great AOL icons once, several of them for Retro Man! :-)

Did I mention that RM is on the web?? Yes, it is----on YOUTUBE. A friend of my friend, the director, writer and star, who is also in the movie, posted it in 4 parts on his YouTube page...I don't know if YOU will get it, but maybe you'll understand why I love it so much. I mean, it's a DASjr original---who can't love that??? And DASjr is a SWEETHEART!!! :-D

So, go check out...