December 05, 2006

Tuesday's PODA

Lunch for P and I - done
P's clothes - in the washer - in the dryer
My clothes - not yet, but I did fold up all T's clothes (the washroom had started to look like a shambles because of the. Long story short, with P sleeping when he's usually getting ready for work, T just started putting his uniforms and shirts in the washroom so that he didn't wake P up), and collected his together to wash them tomorrow. No need to gather mine---I've already got them in all in my hamper. I'm the only one who's internalized that idea. :-| (moved to tomorrow)
Trash out - after I get D from G S (moved to tomorrow)
Finish mail prep - probably this evening - only did this and some dishes. :-| I've got to get P to bed, so hopefully before I go to bed I can get his clothes to the dryer, T's clothes in the dryer folded and the dishes finished. - finished mail, dishes, and folded T's clothes in the dryer :-)

Just gotta dump the liquid left over from the chicken in the crockpot, then take my shower and go to bed. I'll start up a PODA for tomorrow. :-) Take care!