December 07, 2006

Re: Thursday's Adventures

Breakfast - done
Dressed to the socks - done
Put in a load of T's clothes - done
Put some crushed tomatoes, pork chops and some spices into crockpot - done
Fold the towels - done
Fold my clothes
During P's nap
 - 5 minutes of walking on treadmill and/or some Tai Chi (DVD) - the warm up portion of the Tai Chi DVD
Lunch - done
Dishes - in progress
Sweep kitchen floor
Finish addressing family/friends Christmas cards
Fold T's clothes - 1st basket worth folded, second in the dryer :-)
Continue cycling through the loads of T's clothes - doing this.

I also managed not to flip out on the kid here in the trailer park that I can't stand about using our shovel and rake in the snow.  He kept going "well, D said" and "well, G had them".  It doesn't matter, they belong to us.  My daughter's not going to know everything we have, and G has a bad habit of just taking stuff out of our glass enclosed entryway.  If her mom can't even keep her from getting up on counters to get into the cupboards....*ugh*....

I got through the warm up portion of the Tai Chi video.  I'd also like to get into yoga again.  But I'm going to start with Tai Chi.  A fellow high school classmate of mine's dad (may he rest in peace) was a teacher for this.  All you had to do was tell him you wanted to do it, and he'd teach you for free.  He was a jail officer over at Lakeview.  He could sense things blindfolded, etc.  It was real cool.  I got the DVD some years ago, I just only used it once or twice.  I'm hoping to do this every day, then advance further as I get better.  I was able to make it through the learning portions of the Warm Up and a bit of the Form...then I said forget it, and hope to progress to the Form portion next week.  The theme song for The Biggest Loser keeps running threw my head when I think about this.  It's definitely a motivator for me.  That and these crazy heart palpitations :-(