December 24, 2006

Christmas list - updates

Make candy - in progress
Make fudge - done - 3 kinds!
Make cookies D and B like - done
Prep lasagnas for Christmas - tonight
Shop for Christmas dinner - done
Wrap dad's gift from my mom - done
Wrap mom's gift - done
Wrap DD's last gift - done
Wrap dad's afghan - done
Make snowflakes - in progress - still in progress.  I'm thinking I'll starch them and hang them tonight.  :-)
Make bear for P - probably after doesn't have to be for Christmas.  The kids will take what I make at anytime, LOL!!!!

T's working on the last batch of candy right now.  I'm going to go in the living room, so we can all weed through my recordings of Good Eats, and we'll wait for P's godfather to show up.  He's supposed to (when T went back to the union Christmas party to pick up the gift certificate from Quality that we won, he said he was going to.  I'm going to have him call J soon to see when he might show up.  He was a bit tipsy when he said he would).   We ran into J's wife at WalMart when we got a couple things while D was out with my dad, and she told us he was back.  We thought he was already in Iraq---turns out he just left for some training, and he will be going to Iraq soon.  He's in the Army Reserves.  I'm looking forward to seeing him, and D was a bit disappointed to find out he had left already, cause he had said at the going away party his coworkers had thrown for him (way back in like September....that's the Army for ya, hurry up and wait!) that he'd come visit us before he left.  I hope he does show up, that's the whole reason I insisted we try to get my dad to watch the kids for just a little bit after he and D came back. 

Well, I'm going to watch my hubby make the last batch of hard candy :-)