January 26, 2006

Thursday's PODA

Today should be fairly lowkey. I don't have much off the Master List left. And I'm so happy---I did so well yesterday. So...

Shower - done
Breakfast - done
Sort pattern books into lots -
Fold my clothes -
Wait for lady to pick up glassware -
Bring DD out to buy shoes -
Bring DD to get hair cut (boy does she need it---my mom will be happy to see she's had it done!) -
Write and bring in check for cable, bring in check for phone -
Deal with dinner---ground beef! -
Update freecycle list on status of items -

Master List
Fold towels/my clothes/Padraic's clothes - doing today
Email M that books will go to freecycle if not picked up by the end of the month - done, have a tentative arrangement that she's going to come and get them on Sunday
See about reinstating local long distance
Post past PODA's on blog
Type and print off intro letters :-S
Email Pastor on P's bap - done, still in works too
Call Dunkirk about PG pavilion for June 10th party - done, gotta call back in April
Sort and list pattern books in lots - almost done

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