January 19, 2006

Baby Steps Baby Steps---can equal several feet after a while!!!

So, I'm actually getting somewhere around here!!! I've started putting stuff on ebay---yesterday I posted some yarn that I'll never use, and in 7 MINUTES (no kidding) it was sold. The person saw $5 on 15 skeins of Mohair yarn, and wasn't about to pass that up!!! But it's out the door now, and that's all that matters. So, what I was thinking was doing a grab bag of loose patterns, and dividing up all the pattern books I sorted out that I don't want into lots. I have several---baby stuff, afghans, etc etc. I hope to do that by the end of this week, and post them on ebay pretty quickly! I figure, the least it will cost me is 50¢ each if they don't sell, right? Because I've finally got PayPal tagged on to my ebay, and I've got about $10 in there between the Harry Potter book I sold to a friend, and this yarn sale, I've got...say....20 lots I can put up. I won't put up nearly that many though, LOL!!! I wonder how people will like the grab bag of patterns. I already know how I'll do it. I was going to do that with the magazines and pattern booklets, but no. It's better just with the loose patterns. :-) Put them in manilla envelopes, say "I'm just going to reach into the box with the 3 envelopes and whichever I grab is yours!" I think that will work. And never use the Buy It Now feature again!!! LOL!!! Oh yeah---to put all this stuff up, I had to sort stuff out. I went from something like a 3'x2' box to a 1'x2' box for all the patterns and other stuff I'm going to keep. I got rid of A LOT of booklets. I'm proud of myself. Now I've got a little guy to take care of. :-D


Shower - done
Eat breakfast - done
Vac floor
Sort lots
Work on projects
Eat lunch
During lunch/kitchen time:
- Dishes
- Cook up meats
Dinner (ham helper?)
Email Pastor on P's baptism
Get D to deal with her clothes/room
Go to bank and get out the $30 :-(

Master List
Fold towels/my clothes/Padraic's clothes
Email M that books will go to freecycle if not picked up by the end of the month
Send NEFG prize - done
See about reinstating local long distance
Post past PODA's on blog
Type and print off intro letters :-S
Email Pastor on P's bap
Call Dunkirk about PG pavilion for June 10th party
Sort and list pattern books in lots

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Elena said...

HI Allison!

I have a friend that uses the "BIN" all the time, SHe always puts a price that is slightly more than she wants on it. THe auctions usually do well, but if someone REALLY wants it, the BIN can save everyone time!! Don't get discouraged, you are doing great!!