January 15, 2006

Sunday 1-15-06 PODA

So, I guess it can't hurt to update you on the week's Master List, as well as give you a glimpse of today. Because of having the new little one and other things, getting on the computer long enough to put something up here really isn't a priority right now, but I'll try to put something up every week :-D

Eat breakfast - done
Shower - done
Dishes - sink filled :-)

Week's Master List

Sort yarn downstairs into projects - done
Fold towels/my clothes/P's clothes - did P's clothes
Sort VHS tapes/cds for dad/freecycle - done
Make sure dad comes over to look through books - done
Email M that books will go to freecycle if not picked up by the end of the month
(Monday) Start NEFG :-P - done
(Thursday) Buy prize - will do this week
(Next Monday) Send prize - will do this Thursday
(Thursday) Send Rachael's book :-D - done
(Monday-Thursday) Work on Slams - done and sent
Make up grocery list - done and bought
Post cd and VHS tape list on freecycle - done
Convince Christy (and Nancy if she's home) to come over - done
Clean fish tank
Post fish tank on freecycle (we have 2, small and large)
See about reinstating local long distance
Post past PODA's on blog
Type and print off intro letters :-S

So, this week wasn't so bad. Some day I'll have to get the yarn from upstairs and work on that. But NOT UNTIL ALL THE YARN DOWN HERE IS GONE!!!! Yup....I think it's possible. I haven't bought yarn in a while. I will be buying some soon, as I'm remaking a poncho for a friend of mine. I had made this poncho for her fiance (oh yeah, added another project to make for her---her bouquet cause she's planning on FINALLY getting married this summer. They've been together for 7 years, lived down in Dallas, came back up a couple years ago, lived with his parents for a while---and she's thinking about making it offical. I showed her mine that I made, and she thought it wouldn't be a bad idea. What's good is that I've got most of the thread I'm going to need for hers, too :-D), but they left it down in Dallas when they moved back to NY, so I told her I'd make it again, I've still got the pattern, just need to get more yarn. So she's going to send me the money in a week or so, and I'll make more of a profit this time than I did last time.

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