January 04, 2006


So, I haven't been blogging much recently. And now I'm going to hand you a great big whopper. Because I've got a lot on my mind. It's prompted by watching the Family Competiton episode of The Biggest Loser.

My daughter and I have gotten really hooked on it, especially during the regular seasons. I have to admit, Matt got picked on a lot in our house---but after a while I also started to respect him. He worked hard, real hard. He saw rock bottom. He realized that he had been to the highest height he could get, looking good and working hard when he was in high school/college. Then he realized just how hard we fat people fall---because he had become one. I really did think he was going to cry when he was on Live with Regis and Kelly the day after the Live Final Weigh In in November.

So, since we liked the regular show so much, I made a point of watching it today. I've become more and more moved by the show. I've really begun to see myself in those people. Because I am one of them, when they start out. Heck, I sorta became one of them

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