August 17, 2007

Thursday's update

Dishes - today's are caught up
Clothes - towels got folded
Have breakfast - did it...lunch and dinner too...all added to WW online Point Tracker
Sort magazines - all the crocheted/knitting ones are done, looked at one other
Read Html book
Make squares/go through bag
Wash bathroom
Go to SA - hoping for tomorrow
Wash T's clothes - done, last load of uniforms are in the dryer, I'll do the tees and socks & undies next week! Not a big enough load for me!
Pay electric and phone bills - done, and upgraded the phone service so I have long distance for the candle biz

I'm pretty caught up, though not all of my list is taken care of. Some are, if you would remember, from the week long list. 2 more days without DD :-|