August 06, 2007

Finish sorting bills - more to do tomorrow, but I made a good dent today!!!
Dishes - finished tonight's :-)
Pick up what hasn't yet been picked up on the floor - pretty much, yeah :-)
Take shower - next on my list
Consider what I can take care of in the tubs - just sorta looked at them
Have some tea - yup, DD too :-)

Well, I did pretty well with my list. I also cleaned up my desk area, including the crate that's on the drawer thing behind it that Padraic took over because I didn't want to have to deal with him getting into the stuff that was in it. It's way too late again though. I spent about 2-3 hours playing Sally's Salon---stuck for most of that on one level, the last one :-\ Oh well....tomorrow I want to...

Finish sorting bills
Sort tubs
Go for a walk
Go to bed at 11
Take a shower with T (so that I can go to bed at 11---trust me, it makes sense!)
Wash T's clothes
Fold his clothes
Evaluate all yarn related areas
Transfer computer stuff into a bigger box :-|
Read more on web design