August 07, 2007

Just a quick, as I'm going to take a shower and go to bed after this.

Today I:

Picked up mom and dad's mail
Got gas
Visited my mom
Came home to pick up T and candles
Put a load of T's clothes in after sorting them out
Went to Weight Watchers (gained a pound :-\)
Went to the village's contribution to National Night Out (only had 1 1/2 pieced of pizza)
Passed out 4-5 biz cards there
Grabbed fixin's for Pizza Salad (yeah, and finished everything but the bag of salad. I'm not the only one who had servings out of it though)

Remind me not to watch The Two Coreys before going to bed. My favorite Corey is still the same, after all these years. Haim. He's a sad sad case. All those drugs have done quite a job on him. Hot guy, sad outcome. I was looking at stuff on the net about him a few times today---and I've come to see that he's such a sad case.

I ended up going to sleep at about 3:30 last night. Ugh. Oh well, that's why I'm going to bed in a minute here. *sigh* Let's hope I don't fall asleep so late!!! Ugh...

Nightie night!