August 06, 2007

Finish sorting bills - done
Sort tubs - done
Go for a walk
Go to bed at 11
Take a shower with T (so that I can go to bed at 11---trust me, it makes sense!)
Wash T's clothes - tomorrow
Fold his clothes
Vac - next, after watching a couple things on the tv :-)
Evaluate all yarn related areas
Transfer computer stuff into a bigger box :-| - done
Read more on web design

Phew. I'm happy at least that I got the bills and the tubs sorted. Those were my big goals for the day! :-) Especially since they are something of a cross over :-) I'll have to go through the box of my stuff left over from the tub sort. Next I'm going to watch the stuff on tv, grate up some candles to make samples, vac and make dinner :-) Then get ready for bed after putting P to bed before taking that shower with T :-) But I swear I had got to the point of thinking that I'd never see the bottom of those boxes of bills!! Now I have 4-5 bags of garbage, mainly the envelopes, etc from the bills :-)