November 15, 2005

Day 14 - update

Get up, dressed (I never get it to the shoes...just enough to be presentable!) - done (now totally...except socks and shoes, but those are next!)
Eat breakfast - done (lunch too!)
figure out vcr -done---now to see if I can use the VCR+ feature!
put away last of stuff from box
vaccum -done
put away sewing machine, clear desk -done
write check for Chorale fundraiser - done (did gas bill too---plan to put in mail when we go to Chorale)
iron her shirt -done
work on roses - done
work Chorale pictures - done (grumble grumble)
dishes - done by 8!!!
get dinner started -done but burned (it actually improved it---it was Jambalia (sp?) Chicken Helper)
Even managed to get a letter to a family friend written to tell them about what my mom has been going through---all enveloped and addressed.
Also got done: garbage! Now I just need to write one more check. For GS. Now to do that then play with my son for a bit...then off to Chorale! - done

Tomorrow is fun with roses. I have to assemble one more---maybe I'll go back out to the living room after I get Padraic down and finish that. Then I have to make 2 bootineers - dad and DH's - and 6 roses for DD's bouquet. It should definitely go quick. These are going to be beautiful!!! Don't worry, I'll have pictures---I know where the camera is!!!